Festival Internacional
de Fotografia de Cabo Verde
14 NOV. - 12 DEZ.
Mindelo e Porto Novo
Cabo Verde
OPEN CALL / Artistas Seleccinados

Mehryl Levisse[França]

Mehryl Levisse photographs the body at its most human. Unlike traditional photography, which captures real moments, this young artist produces images from scratch, from his imagination, books, life experiences, family history, music, mythology and many other sources. As opposed to a photographer, Levisse considers his photographs not as something final, but as the trace of something that occurred in the privacy of his studio.

His photographs are created in his studio for days, weeks, months and years (as Fils de bonne famille, L'oisivore or Marée basse sur table d'élevage for example) where he makes elements by elements the private space for the body with extraordinary patience, in order to take off any ulterior photographic alteration. His private spaces are always closed, without dors or windows to make his characters play eternally the same situation.


The silence of the body, 2012-2014

Who said that the body was a finished thing ?

Is it not above all the bones, the flesh, the skin; constitued by a head, a torso, by arms and by legs. A human dominant which under certain glances loses its humanity when the body is split or moved.

The body is the basic material to my projects as the others take the painting to begin their canvas. I work it as a material not arresting it as a finished shape. It is flexible, the beginning of another thing, I choose it adaptable to my ideas and to my practice.
I consider it as neutral without the question of kind. The body is an in between, neither masculine, nor feminine, neither sexual nor asexual and on the contrary both. It is not any more an outcome but a beginning.
In my approach the body becomes one with the set. These "private closed spaces", without opening for the spectator. The spectator is captured and joins the scene. My identities are condemned to replay eternally the same situation.

My environments, constitued by wallpaper and vintage furniture, makes a space without defined temporality. Place without door, without window, giving away vague atmospheres.