Festival Internacional
de Fotografia de Cabo Verde
14 NOV. - 12 DEZ.
Mindelo e Porto Novo
Cabo Verde
OPEN CALL / Artistas Seleccinados

Karla Leyva[México]

Photographer born in Monterrey, Mexico. Dedicated to independent production, she’s currently engaged in a national production grant in her country given by Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes (Fonca). In 2012 she had PECDA, Programa de Estímulo a la Creación y al Desarrollo Artístico, wich is a production grant given by the State of Puebla, Mexico. Besides she’s member of the Padrón de la Fotografía de Nuevo León, the State Registry for active photographers.

She has been selected in different calls during 2013 and 2014, like the festival Atlanta Celebrates Photography; IILA-FOTOGRAFIA/UNA FOTO in Roma, Italia; in LAT Photo Magazine; and in the Salón de la Fotografía de Nuevo León.

In 2013 she has her first solo exhibition in the Fototeca Juan C. Méndez, Puebla, Mexico. Also she has participated in group exhibitions at Casa de la Cultura de Puebla, 2013; in the Senado de la República from her country, 2013; in Centro de las Artes de Nuevo León, 2013; in Casa Lamm, 2012; Museo de Arte Contemporáneo of Tamaulipas, 2011; in Galería Alternativa Once, 2011; Casa de la Cultura of Nuevo León, 2011, and Centro de las Artes of Nuevo León, 2010, amongst others.

Nowadays she lives and works between Monterrey, Puebla and Mexico City.


Invaded Reason, 2014

Invaded Reason originates from anxiety disorders and what they generate in a physiological and behavioral level.

Søren Kierkegaard stated that “learning to know anxiety is an adventure which every man has to affront”, and I think my work started like that, as a necessity to affront and inquire into something which for several years I have had to go through.

In essence, anxiety is a reaction from a stimulus that we perceive as dangerous or menacing, our amygdala sends signals to the hypothalamus and around 30 hormones are liberated -adrenaline amongst them- which make the heart rate, pulse and respiration increase. Basically, our primitive being is awakened and the instinct to undertake flight activates.

Through still lives, portraits and short videos, I ́m interested in focusing and deepening in this vicious circle of tension, pressure, anticipation, isolation and desire to escape, in which persons with some anxiety disorders fall. The foregoing through very controlled and minimalistic images, as I think there is a preconceived notion of what anxiety looks or feels like, I believe that our imagery tends to take us to scenes brought from Edvard Munch ́s art piece The Scream; but not all people react the same way, in fact the majority lives with their anxieties in secret, “our fears are private, arbitrary, idiosyncratic, and very often masked”, says Patricia Pearson in her book A Brief History of Anxiety.