Festival Internacional
de Fotografia de Cabo Verde
14 NOV. - 12 DEZ.
Mindelo e Porto Novo
Cabo Verde
OPEN CALL / Artistas Seleccinados

Dmitry Muzalev[Russia]

Born in 1972, he is a native of Moscow, Russia. He took up photography in 2006 and is widely published in Russian editions of magazines such as Foto&Video, Digital Camera, Zoom. He took part in the “Silver Camera 2007” photography exhibition organized by Moscow House of Photography, "Museum. The point of view of the photographer" exhibition organized by The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts and other personal and group exhibitions.


Shared Forms, 2013

These combined images have been produced by using service image.google.ru. First I take one of my shots to decoy pictures from the World Wide Web. Then similar (by search index) images are displayed on the search result page. There is a diversity of different kinds of images in search robot selection. The second step: I pick up some of them those seem to be representative pair. Here they are designed as showcase (web exhibition, prints, multimedia).

Having a look at every new pair you might be impacted by contradiction of instant emotion reception between one part of the couple as a piece of art photo and an other part as a bit of rapidly emerging internet subculture. So you are peeling down provided images again to find some foundation for assembly pictured this way and that is the time you can deliver the main features of the showcase. The search robot ranking allows to alienate/neglect our preoccupation by social backgrounds of images and appropriate intricate content. If turned of that the same pair is discording in everything but it has some profound unity that based on our sense of form, or visual patterns. It makes a unique effect for the entire series of combined pictures.

As a result we get quite opposite experience against our first impression from the couples. Emotional inconvenience of every pair clashes against mutual composing shape. So a precisely target of this project is to clash art and life in a common space of visual structure corresponding contemporary human being. This is made possible by the instrumentality of google search engine which assembles similar images.

The bizarre approximation of pictures in couples lets reveal their shared composing principles or shapes which are always beyond the boundaries of spectators' attention.